Peach Testing:

           Our Quality control department carefully tests each load of peaches we receive!
 We check several different criteria:

  • appearance
  • taste
  • juicyness

Here are some action shots of this rigorous testing procedure at work: 


We use different testers so we won't get biased results. So, we bring in different experts in the field of peach taste testing to help us. Here is today's expert!

  Official Peach Tester! Reporting for duty!.
  First you have to pick a peach! Lucky this peach tester has a helper to get her the first peach for testing.
  "I'm not sure about this one - but I'll try it!"
  Here goes! (This peach tester prefers to eat skin and all!)
  Peach Taste Testing requires lots of concentration!
  Oh, yeah! This is a good peach! Just leave me alone and let me do my work!
  Here's another Peach Tester!

Ever wonder where our peach testers go to get their Peach testing skills?

Click here to see them getting some training!


                         Want to do you own taste testing? Go by the peach stands and ask to do a taste test!