Happiness is Peaches in your Rearview mirror!

Peaches are here!!!

Chilton County Peaches are available daily at peach stands in Starkville and Columbus during the summer. Some of the best peaches in the south are sold in small, medium, and peck baskets at our stands. Only the freshest and best peaches make it on our trucks! You can always be assured of quality peaches -  the sweetest, best, juiciest peaches available. Check our stands page for this year's locations and times.

  Last year our official peach tester declared, "this year these peaches are juicier and sweeter than ever!" This year the peaches are better than ever - elbows out, sweet, juicy - yummy!!!.

  Look for some of the best peaches available at our stands in Columbus, MS and
  Starkville, MS. Check the stand maps to get directions! Also check out the great produce at  
  the Hitching Lot Farmers Market in Columbus, MS.


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